InsightU LMS

Engage your users with e-learning inside our user-friendly LMS

Manage E-Learning Resources

Exhibit full control of your training materials from individual courses to complete programs. Add and remove courseware, customize your materials and manage user access to ensure your employees are getting the most from their e-learning experience.

Assess Employees' Knowledge

Assign pre-requisites, quizzes and exams to build logic throughout your courses and training programs. Testing your employees’ knowledge of the learning materials can help ensure retention of the information.


Assign Courses and Programs

With our simple user groups’ feature, you can assign course requirements and supplementary materials to single or multiple users and groups — and even assign a retake period. You can also monitor your employees’ progress including number of attempts.

Reward Employees

Upon the completion of your course, create your own completion certificates/awards to recognize your employees for their hard work. Rewarding employees for the completion of e-learning courses and programs can motivate them to continue engaging in
retail training.


Upload Your Courseware

Expand your courseware library by adding your existing courses and programs. You can easily upload third party courseware (SCORM and non-SCORM compliant) directly into our system.