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Access our library of courses and programs on a range of retail essentials

Our library of retail courses and programs includes:


An introduction to the dos and don’ts of retail merchandising including product placement, displays and signage to make shopping more convenient for your customers.


A two-part module on providing effective customer service to people with disabilities including hearing loss, vision impairment, speech impediments and other physical and mental disabilities.

Understand the laws for selling age restricted items in Canada, and how to recognize acceptable forms of ID.
Understand the laws for selling tobacco products in Canada, including how to address challenging customer interactions and refuse a sale.
Understand the rules and rights for health and safety at work to protect you, your co-workers and customers from workplace injuries including physical, biological and emotional harm.
Orientation training for new employees to help emphasize the importance of retail basics including communication, product knowledge, teamwork, attitude and time management.
Learn the 5 steps of SWEET Spot Selling to help identify different types of customers and how to effectively interact with them.
Learn about WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system) to protect yourself from hazardous materials and how to properly read warning labels.
Learn the fundamentals of loss prevention including shrink, external and internal theft, and fraud including credit and debit cards, cheques, counterfeit money and
Modern convenience making life easier
Learn about privacy laws for collecting, using and disposing of customers’ personal data such as contact information, demographics, identification and financial information.
Learn the 5 steps of SWEET Spot Service to help understand your customers and how to provide excellent customer service.
Prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace by learning how to recognize inappropriate behaviour and unwelcome conduct.