Course Builder

Bring your course to life with our drag-and-drop course building tool

Build Your Own Courses

With our “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor, build everything in your course from imagery, video to text. With Course Builder, you have full control over the look, feel and function of everything in
your course.

Control E-Learning Materials

Course Builder allows you to control the logic of your course with drag-and-drop functionality. Add and remove slides, move text and images, and even integrate videos and activities with just the click
of a button.


Create Templates

Create, save and re-use master templates, allowing you to create a full course in a matter of minutes. With the use of templates, you can easily create consistent training programs on an ongoing basis.

Evaluate Your Employees

Create your own sub-surveys, quizzes and exams. With Course Builder, you can customize them right down to the individual question to ensure your employees are tested on the most important components of your e-learning materials.


Mobile Compatibility

Cross-platform viewing made easy. Simply switch over to mobile view and you can build your courseware for viewing and full functionality on smartphones
and tablets.

Bilingual E-Learning

Easily switch between English and French versions of your courseware to allow you to create fully
bilingual courses and programs.